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Dental Care For Kids

Come hang out at the Treehouse! At Treehouse Dental we strive to make going to the dentist enjoyable for your children, and convenient for you. Our office has a full treehouse play area, a movie theater room, video games and more! To help keep your child comfortable, your child can wear headphones and watch TV or play video games during their appointments. Getting your child to want to come to the dentist won’t be the problem, getting them to want to leave will be!

Professional Services

Comfort Dentistry

We keep your children as comfortable as possible during their appointments. We offer headphones and movies or video games to keep them happy. We also have safe, on-site sedation with board certified nurse anesthetists or anesthesiologists. Keeping your child comfortable, safe, and having an enjoyable experience while visiting the dentist is our primary goal. In the waiting room they can play in the treehouse, enjoy our movie theater room, or play games. Come on and hangout with us at the Treehouse!

Professional Services

  • Full-service Orthodontics, from Braces to Invisalign

  • White, mercury-free fillings

  • Laughing Gas

  • In-office Sedation